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What We Do

The law office of Anthony C. McLaughlin offers quality legal services to the Greensboro Metro area. Our practice handles legal matters concerning real estate law, business law, estate planning, wills and estates, powers of attorney and more. We focus primarily on real estate transactions, small business matters, will drafting and contract review. Attorney McLaughlin has been practicing since 1980 and will provide you with the personal attention you need and deserve.

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Anthony C. McLaughlin believes in doing what is best for his clients. Our office strives to build attorney-client relationships that are built on trust. If you have legal matters regarding real estate law, business law or estate planning, we are ready to serve you. Call the law office of Anthony C. McLaughlin at (336) 355-7432 now to schedule a consultation!

What Sets Us Apart

  • Practicing Since 1980
  • Concentrated on Business and Real Estate Law
  • Personal Attention
  • Does What Is Best for the Client
  • Attorney-Client Relationships are Built on Trust

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